Do you want to experiment with the pioneering idea of Host Leadership? Explore how to achieve progress by building relationships and connections? Learn how to step into and out of the six NEW roles of engagement?

In practice: “The Host Leadership metaphor brings up courage. A person who is not satisfied by only taking care of her own but also needs to be in relation with others. At the same time, this host-self individual is not afraid to take responsibility, to share or to serve someone else. This person believes that growing, changing, evolving can only be done in a vital system of relationships.”

A team of 12 Stewards look after the online platform of a big international community of education professionals. The Steward have become aware of the need to reflect on the ways they perform their roles as Stewards. Leah is part of the team and they strike an agreement that she should prepare and deliver for them a three-week online programme. She names the programme Host Leadership: practical steps to build engagement, performance and results.