You are looking for a direct route to progress with your team as you have noticed slackening of the pace, ineffectiveness and procrastination. Would there be methods to enable your team members to perform responsibly, energetically and consistently well. AHA moments offers a radically simple and subtle practical approach. We find what works in the day-to-day life of teams by listening carefully, staying on the surface and noticing what is happening. We build on small successes and focus on solutions and help teams to find opportunities for development and use them productively. We can also equip team leaders, managers and team members themselves with tools for change.

In practice: Solutions Land

The founder and managing director of a small training company was concerned about the way her team were performing. Tension between her and the team members grew. Communication had become turbulent. Collaboration was almost non-existent. Their meetings were hectic and lasted for hours without any noticeable outcome. The Director was becoming increasingly aware of the need to deal with ineffectiveness and procrastination. She wanted her team to re-establish a process of learning, evolving, appreciation and enjoyable relationships. She decided that she would hire an external coach to facilitate what she saw to be a process of transformation. AHA moments developed a programme including three one- day workshops over a period of three months.

The team was quickly led out of problem land onto the level of solutions. They engaged in creating a positive image of themselves and their future and designed a meeting structure which made it possible for the team to address all the issues that needed their attention. All in all, they managed to construct a change process on the basis of the successes of the team.