This is a six-month distance learning course valuable for

– translators and interpreters
– communication experts
– international project workers
– PR professionals
– personal assistants and operators
– negotiators and intermediaries
– university graduates who have already gained some experience in translation/interpreting
– those who are now planning to start a career in translation

During the program you will be participating in many activities. These are designed to help you to:

– view and understand the roles of the translator and interpreter within different historical and cultural contexts
– investigate the complexities of intercultural communication
– learn how to effectively and appropriately manage and mediate intercultural communication

Learning Outcomes

When you complete the course you will be able to:
– apply key understandings of intercultural communication in professional and wider mediation contexts
– explore and reflect on your professional and more general performances in terms of the complexities of intercultural communication
– develop pro-active models of professional behavior


– you and your organization will improve the quality of your translated documents and your mediating and interpreting jobs;
– your organization will enhance its reputation and therefore gain new and valued partnerships
– you and your colleagues will broaden your worldview and develop personally and professionally;
– you will gain confidence in communicating effectively across cultural and language differences.

The course begins on 1 March 2016. Registration is by 10th February 2016.

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* This course was first developed by the British Council in Bulgaria in 2004