One-day workshops for executives, Human Resources experts, and managers in international organizations and businesses; for all those who interact, on a regular basis, with colleagues from other countries and cultures.

International business activities are frequently constrained by a clash of diverging business practices, behaviors, and communication styles. Ignoring the need to understand why people act the way they do can be a disadvantage and a limitation. Learning to communicate across cultural boundaries has become a basic survival skill.

For organizations to succeed in a  ‘global’ market place, being  ‘culturally intelligent’ is not just a ‘nice-to-have’ but an essential part of the organization’s tool kit. In Bulgaria today, the majority of companies, employ or engage with people from many different cultures.


Experiencing intercultural learning and a variety of interactions yourselves, you will appreciate the need to address the complexities of communication across cultural difference and otherness at the workplace.

You will learn to:

– think of culture as something real and alive
– identify issues arising from cultural misunderstanding
– understand the impact of cultural differences on relationships at work and communication
– seek adequate solutions to problems arising from cultural stereotyping and prejudice
– use tools for focusing on making progress in contexts of diversity

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