Join us for this free online workshop with Dr Leah Davcheva, coach and facilitator specialising in Host leadership and the Solutions Focus approach to building change.


We will aim to discover how to act in your organisation in order to build relationships and engagement while moving forward. You are also going to look into a leadership challenge you are facing right now and, thinking like a Host Leader, find possibilities for making progress.During the programme, you will participate in activities designed to help you:

  • Experience the value of the host leadership metaphor in your own context of action
  • Perform in ways that bring people together
  • Use, to many practical benefits, the step- forward and step-back dance of the Host Leader
  • Begin adopting the new roles and positions of engagement


All are welcome! Book now to reserve your place. Book free online at Host Leading: Taking a New Practical View on Leadership , Wednesday, 27 Jan, 2021 at 19:00 CET. Eventbrite.